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Increase your revenue, patient satisfaction and profitability with our marketplace apps in retail healthcare that includes dentistry, veterinary, audiology, optometry, chiropractic, orthodontic, oral surgery and more. Sikka seamlessly connects to 90% of retail healthcare market and is processing billions of transactions a day.

For Doctors and Teams

Optimize your practices and maximize profitability with over 50 apps in our marketplace which work with just a single practice utility by Sikka.

For Developers

Take advantage of our One API Platform to build apps, sell through our marketplace with integrated payment processing and revenue generation.

Featured Marketplace Solutions

The Sikka Platform Cloud

The Sikka

The Sikka marketplace is continuously evolving as our international network grows with suppliers, manufacturers, patient reputation management, revenue cycle, lab ordering, financial service providers, patients, consultants and other cloud based SaaS solutions. We have one click enablement of your apps in our marketplace with restful APIs.

One API Overview
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Practice Mobilizer
The Next Generation

The next generation of mobile practices. Artificial intelligence, chat bots and video communications to power your practice and improve your efficiency and revenue capabilities. The app includes plug-and-play services that you can add at any time. Increase your practice's ability to deal with real-time scheduling, communications, and collections, plus much more.

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More About Us

Sikka Software, that has built a leading rapidly growing API platform enabled marketplace, is a pioneer for the AI based Self Driving Practice and is helping to rethink the important retail healthcare market using a single API cloud platform with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Retail healthcare are non physician, non hospital practices in dentistry, audiology, vets, optometry, chiropractic, orthodontic and oral surgery etc. Businesses where the primary skilled worker is also the owner, and needs tools to help digitize their practices, and make these more real-time, connected, and optimized.

Sikka Software API and cloud platform connects to 90% of retail healthcare market and practice management systems and financial systems practices use. There are 50 apps built by suppliers (many of them Fortune 500) on Sikka platform and few apps that Sikka has built on its own. Sikka Software has connected more than 200,000 providers and 114 million patients and is adding with a rate that is more than doubling every year. The company vision is to become a global, real-time, API platform enabled marketplace that connects and empowers the patients, providers and suppliers. This market has over 4M providers, and the total services spend in this market is more than $260B per year.

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